Meoneura nigrohalterata

Diagnostic description: 

Meoneura nigrohalterata sp. n. is an easily recognisable species. There are but a few species of Meoneura with dark haltere (see Hennig 1937, Sabrosky 1959). Those two Nearctic species, M. nigrifrons Malloch, 1915 and M. wirthi Sabrosky, 1959, as well as two Palaearctic species, M. elongella (Zetterstedt, 1838) and M. perlamellata Hennig, 1937 are not related at all (see Sabrosky 1959: figs 9–10, Hennig 1937: textfig. 70). There is a third species, M. alpina Hennig, 1948 (= M. ungulata Carles-Tolrá et Ventura, 2002, synonymy by Stuke, 2009), where “Haltere brown”, but its male genitalia are definitely different (Carles-Tolrá & Ventura 2002: fig. 3). This is the first species of this kind in the Afrotropical region. The surstylus of the new species resembles to that of M. scutellata Deeming, 1976 but contrarily to M. scutellata, its antenna is dark and the knob of haltere in M. scutellata is white. (Papp 2013)

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