AuthorsYearTitlesort ascending
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W. Hennig193760a. Milichiidae et Carnidae
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L. Czerny192855. Tethinidae
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Hůrka, K.19983.55. Family Nycteribiidae
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Pape, T.19983.52. Family Sarcophagidae
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Chandler, P. J.19983.46. Family Campichoetidae
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McAlpine, D. K.19983.32. Family Helcomyzidae
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L. Papp, Wheeler T. A.19983.28. Family Milichiidae
L. Papp, Wheeler T. A.19983.28. Family Milichiidae
L. Papp19983.26. Family Xenasteiidae
L. Papp19983.25. Family Asteiidae
W. N. Mathis, Papp L.19983.24. Family Periscelididae
L. Papp19983.23. Family Aulacigastridae
Rohacek, J.19983.22. Family Anthomyzidae
Brunel, É.19983.21. Family Opomyzidae
W. N. Mathis19983.20. Family Canacidae


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