Common names for Carnidae

Common names are only rarely cited for Carnidae and seem to be more of an invention of the author than a commonly used name. The English term "filth flies", for example, was used by Sabrosky (1959) in the title of a paper about the genus Meoneura. Sabrosky probably used the general expression "filth fly" to describe the biology rather than intending the term to be a common name for the family Carnidae. The term "filth flies" is generally used for several different taxa associated with 'filth'. Consequently the term was only cited once again in combination with Meoneura, by Valley (1977).

The only 'real' common name seems to be the German "Gefiederfliege" for Carnus hemapterus, which translates into something like 'plumage fly'.

Carnidae - Filth flies (English, Sabrosky 1959)
Carnidae - Kadaverflugor (Swedish, Hedström 1994)
Carnidae - Kadaverfliegen (German, Tschirnhaus 2007)
Carnidae - Chibi-kobae-ka (Japanese, Iwasa 2000)
Genus Carnus - Bird flies (English) (Grimaldi 1997), sometimes used for Hippoboscidae
Genus Carnus - Chisui-kobae-zoku (Japanese, Iwasa 2000)
Carnus hemapterus - "Wingless" fly (English, Lloyd & Philip 1966)
Carnus hemapterus - Gefiederfliege (German, several papers)
Carnus hemapterus - Tori-chisui-kobae (Japanese, Iwasa 2000)
Meoneura tritici (=M. obscurella) - Wheat mow fly (English) (Fitch 1856)

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