Diptera of Thailand. A summary of the families and genera with references to the species representations

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:L. Papp, Merz, B., Foldvari, M.
Journal:Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae
ISBN Number:1217-8837
Accession Number:ZOOREC:ZOOR14304024297
Keywords:Aldrichiomyza, Desmometopa, genus description, horrida, iwasai, lacteipennis, Milichiella, Milichiidae, Neophyllomyza, nitida, Paramyia, Paramyioides, Phyllomyza, singaporensis, smithi, species description, Spinitrochanter, spinosa, Stomosis, Thailand

Results of the Diptera identifications in the materials collected by the workers of the Hungarian Natural History Museum (HNHM) in Thailand in 2003 and 2004 are reported (supplemented by a collection in 2000 of the MHNG). A summary of the dipterous families and genera represented in Thailand are given with references to the species representations. Twenty-four families are reported for the first time from Thailand, by which representatives of 99 Diptera families are known from Thailand. Several genera and species are recorded also from Vietnam. Three new genera, Asiodixa L. PAPP, gen. n. (Dixidae, type species A. maculosa sp. n.), Bisubcosta L. PAPP, gen. n. (Keroplatidae, type species B. oligoneura sp. n.) and Stenocyamops L. PAPP, gen. n (Stenomicridae, type species S. thaii sp. n.) and a subgenus Paramyioides (Spinitrochanter) L. PAPP, subg. n. (Milichiidae, type species P. (S.) horrida sp. n.), as well as 29 new species are described from Thailand: Asiodixa maculosa L. PAPP, sp. n., Asiodixa pura L. PAPP, sp. n., Thaumalea nigronitida L. PAPP, sp. n., Mesochria thaii L. PAPP, sp. n., Bisubcosta oligoneura L. PAPP, sp. n., Heteropterna oroszi L. PAPP, sp. n., Heteropterna thaii L. PAPP, sp. n., Platyroptilon jarujini L. PAPP, sp. n., Setostylus alienus L. PAPP, sp. n., Xenokeroplatus continentalis L. PAPP, sp. n., Lycosepsis bisela L. PAPP, sp. n., Lycorsepsis oedipus L. PAPP, sp. n. Formicosepsis paratinctipennis L. PAPP, sp. n., Strongylophthalmyia dorsocentralis L. PAPP, sp. n., Strongylophthalmyia macrocera L. PAPP, sp. n., S. palpalis L. PAPP, sp. n., S. thaii L. PAPP, sp. n., Noonamyia sasakawai L. PAPP, sp. n., Spaniocelypus paradentatus L. PAPP, sp. n., Odinia thaii L. PAPP, sp. n., Aldrichionivza iwasai L. PAPP, sp. n., Paramyioides (Spinitrochanter) horrida L. PAPP, sp. n., P. (S.)spinosa L. PAPP, sp. n., Campichoeta (Thryptocheta)flavicauda L. PAPP, sp. n., Cyamops fumipennis L. PAPP, sp. n., Stenomicra flava L. PAPP, sp. n., Podocera claripennis L. PAPP, sp. n., P. variegata L. PAPP, sp. n., Stenocyamops thaii L. PAPP, sp. n. With 139 figures.

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