A first record of Hybotidae (Diptera: Empidoidea) associated with leaf-cutting ants, and other flies associated with Atta colombica (Guerin-Meneville)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:S. A. Marshall, Solis, M. A., Marshall, S. N.
Journal:Studia Dipterologica
ISBN Number:0945-3954
Accession Number:ZOOREC:ZOOR14311068916
Keywords:Milichiidae, myrmekophilous, Pholeomyia

An unidentified species of Drapetis is recorded from leaf fragments carried by foraging colombica. This is the first record of an association between Hybotidae and leaf-cutting and its possible significance is discussed. Other Atta associates, including Pholeomyia (Milichiidae) Apocephalus spinosus BROWN (Phoridae), and Acanthopria spec. (Hymenopte Diapriidae) are recorded as riding leaf fragments of A. colombica.

URL:<Go to ISI>://ZOOREC:ZOOR14311068916
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