The type material of Milichiidae and Carnidae (Insecta: Diptera: Schizophora) in the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2009
Authors:I. Brake
Journal:Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien, B
Date Published:April 2009
Keywords:Aldrichiomyza agromyzina, Carnidae, Carnus eggeri, Carnus hemapterus, Carnus setosus, Desmometopa ciliata, Desmometopa discipalpis, Desmometopa singaporensis, Desmometopa sordida, Leptometopa coquilletti, Leptometopa lacteipennis, Leptometopa latipes, Leptometopa rufifrons, Madiza palpalia, Meoneura algerica, Meoneura furcata, Meoneura infuscata, Meoneura obscurella, Meoneura pectinata, Milichia decora, Milichia integra, Milichia speciosa, Milichiella argyrogaster, Milichiella bimaculata, Milichiella freyi, Milichiella hendeli, Milichiella nitida, Milichiidae, Neophyllomyza leanderi, Pholeomyia anomala, Pholeomyia argyrophenga, Pholeomyia leucozona, Pholeomyia longifacies, Pholeomyia schineri, Phyllomyza epitacta, Phyllomyza equitans, Phyllomyza longipalpis, Phyllomyza lucens, Phyllomyza melania, Phyllomyza tetragona, types

The type specimens of Milichiidae and Carnidae in the Natural History Museum Vienna are listed. Lectotypes are designated for Phyllomyza epitacta HENDEL, 1914, Milichia integra BECKER, 1922, and Pholeomyia longifacies HENDEL, 1933. Additionally, Madiza palpalia WAHLBERG is considered as an unavailable name for Desmometopa discipalpis PAPP, 1993.

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