Meoneura nepalensis

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M. nepalensis sp. n. belongs to a comparatively species rich group of Meoneura, where surstylus is comparatively simple and lamella is not fused with surstylus at all, and has more or less strong, at least medium-long setae (i.e. M. glaberrima Becker, 1910, M. neglecta Collin, 1930, etc. on one side, M. atoma L. Papp, 1981 and allies, on the other, are excluded). M. orientalis sp. n. is with very differently shaped surstylus and its lamellae are with a few setae only. M. asiatica L. Papp (Mongolia) has numerous shorter setae on ventral caudal part of epandrium, instead of a long seta, its surstylus is with long setae and its lamella is with longer setae than in M. nepalensis sp. n. (cf. Papp 1976: figs 3–4).
The shape of the postgonite of M. nepalensis sp. n. is species-specific. (Papp 2013)

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