Discovery of a bird-parasitic fly, Carnus orientalis (Diptera: Carnidae), in Japan, with bionomic remarks and a key to Carnus species

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2014
Authors:M. Iwasa, Sakamoto, H., Asahi, K.
Journal:Journal of Medical Entomology
Keywords:Carnus orientalis, Japan

Abird-parasitic ßy, Carnus orientalis Maa, 1968, is recorded for the Þrst time from Japan, and it is taxonomically reexamined on the basis of specimens collected in Okinawa Prefecture. Adult flies were found from nestlings of Ryukyu scops owl (Otus elegans Cassin, 1852), which is a new host for C. orientalis. Bionomic remarks regarding C. orientalis are presented, and a key to the world species of Carnus is also provided.

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