Meoneura orientalis

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It was not possible to find any closer relative of the new species than Meoneura carpathica L. Papp, 1977 (an European species). In M. carpathica anterior part of the frons is yellow, alike M. flavifacies. The male genitalia of the new species in profile are similar to that of M. carpathica (Papp 1977: fig. 6), indeed, although lamellar setae of M. carpathica are thicker. The broadest extension view of the surstylus is very informative: while the surstylus of the new species is very narrowly rounded apically or even with a definite, almost sharp
apex, the surstylus of M. carpathica is more broadly rounded (Papp 1977: fig. 7). (Papp 2013)

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