A preliminary account of the fly fauna in Jabal Shada al-A’la Nature Reserve, Saudi Arabia, with new records and biogeographical remarks (Diptera, Insecta)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2016
Authors:M. S. El-Hawagry, Abdel-Dayem, M. S., Elgharbawy, A. A., Dha, H. M. Al
Date Published:2016/11/24

The first list of insects of Al-Baha Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  (KSA) was published in 2013 and contained a total of 582 species; an  addendum to this list was published in 2015 adding 142 species and bringing the total number recorded from the province to 724 insect species representing 17 orders. The previous two studies excluded Jabal Shada al-A'la Nature Reserve (SANR), so the present study in SANR, as belonging to Al-Baha Province, are complementary to the previous two. The present study presents a preliminary list of Diptera (Insecta) in SANR, with remarks on their zoogeography, and is the first of a series of planned ecological and systematic studies on different insect orders as one of the outputs of a project proposed to study the entire insect fauna of SANR. A total number of 119 Diptera species belonging to 87 genera, 31 tribes, 42 subfamilies, and representing 30 families has been recorded from SANR in the present study. Some species have been identified only to the genus level and listed herein only because this is the first time to record their genera in KSA. Fourteen of the species are recorded for the first time for KSA, namely: Forcipomyia sahariensis Kieffer, 1923 (Ceratopogonidae); Chaetosciara sp. (Sciaridae); Neolophonotus sp. 1; Neolophonotus sp. 2; Promachus sinaiticus Efflatoun, 1934; Saropogon longicornis (Macquart, 1838); Saropogon sp. (Asilidae); Spogostylum tripunctatum (Pallas in Wiedemann, 1818) (Bombyliidae); Phycus sp. (Therevidae); Hemeromyia sp.; Meoneura palaestinensis Hennig, 1937 (Carnidae); Desmometopa inaurata Lamb, 1914 (Milichiidae); Stomoxys niger Macquart, 1851 (Muscidae); and Sarcophaga palestinensis (Lehrer, 1998) (Sarcophagidae). Zoogeographic affinities of recorded fly species suggest a closer affiliation to the Afrotropical region (46%) than to the Palearctic region (23.5%) or the Oriental region (2.5%). This supports the previous studies' conclusions and emphasizes the fact that parts of the Arabian Peninsula, including Al-Baha Province, ought to be a part of the Afrotropical Region rather than of the Palaearctic Region or the Eremic Zone.

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