Ektoparasitter på skarvunger i Danmark med første fund af fluen Carnus hemapterus (Carnidae, Diptera) [Ectoparasites on cormorant chicks in Denmark with first finding of the carnid fly Carnus hemapterus (Carnidae; Diptera)]

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2007
Authors:H. Juul Hansen
Journal:Flora og Fauna
Date Published:Juli
ISBN Number:0015-3818
Accession Number:ZOOREC:ZOOR14401003091
Keywords:Carnidae, Carnus, Carnus hemapterus, Denmark

During the period May 8 - June 14. 2003, a total of 591 cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) chicks from eight different Danish colony sites were searched for ectoparasites. recording ectoparasite species and numbers along with nest position, brood size. individual chick condition and an estimate of chick age based on wing length. The parasites most frequently found were two species of chewing lice (Pectinopygus gyricornis and Eidmanniella pellucida), followed by the carnid fly Carnus hemapterus and a few Ixodes ticks. Chewing lice occurred on 76.3% of the chicks and were more common on older than younger chicks, whereas C. hemapterus most frequently occurred on younger chicks with no or sparse growth of down and feathers. C. hemapterus was found in two of the eight colonies and although it appears to he widespread, it is still uncovered in many areas and little is known about its ecology and dispersive behavio

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